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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wow March, Really?? That's the last time I've updated? Sigh...

Nothing to really update. Heart is doing really well, i.e. it's normal. I've been working up my caffeine and wine tolerance for our trip to Europe in 2.5 weeks (!!) with no ill-effects.

I've been running more consistently, though I don't think I'll be ready for Boilermaker in two weeks since the longest run I've had recently is 11k. And it sucked. I honestly thought once my heart was fixed it would come easier, but it's harder. Oh well, I just need to keep at it.

In other news, I got my eyes lasered a week ago, and can already see 20/20. It's amazing. Because I'm 42 they decided on monovision, one eye for distance, one eye for reading, since in 3-5 years I would need bi-focals. Now I won't need to wear reading glasses until I'm in my late 50's or early 60's. Or I can get the right eye touched up. So cool!!

Before I forget, the link to our travel blog for this vacation!!

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Monday, March 23, 2009

We interrupt this period of silence...

to report the best running song ever is.... What is Love by Haddaway. Cracks me up every time. And brings me right back to this:

And whatever whining I'm doing is gone for 4.5 minutes. Thank you Haddaway. And Will. And Chris.

The next song on shuffle I believe to be the second greatest running song of all time. And it has nothing to do with running either. And that is I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.

I'm really embarrased by my playlist suddenly. I'm an alternative music fan! Ok, I have a ton of Britney on shuffle too. I guess running makes me think outside the box.

I'm going to take our new puppy to school now. His name is Modesto. Mo won't get a heck of a lot bigger than that. I have a chihuahua. I think I'm losing my mind.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Catch up

Wow it's been longer than I thought! Where to start...

I worked from home most of January because the bus strike was still on. Somehow I had less time than if I were commuting! Maybe we were just really busy. Honestly, I can't remember.

We went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for a week in Feb. It rained for the first 4 days, and not the sunny - downpour - sunny type of rain, but the only sun until 9AM then pouring rain type. Luckily we had what they called a 'swim out' room, being on the bottom floor with a covered terrace (with hammock), then two loungers, then the pool. Regardless of the weather we frolicked in the water, and walked the beach every day. It was warm rain - who cares about rain when there was shovelling to be had at home? After the rain we had 3 days of sunshine. We went on a 'Jungle Safari' as they called it, a chance to explore some local villages and plantations in the mountains, then Macao beach, it was breathtaking. Learned how to make coffee and chocolate - Katie was happy we got to see that because she worked on coffee, chocolate and rice fields in Indonesia so we got to see what she did. On our last night we went on an ATV tour, but because the tide was too high (or something) we couldn't go along the beach. So we went by rice plantations and through a village. I saw the local jail - NOT a place I'd like to be! Oh! A funny... while were were shopping in a village I unknowingly scored a drug deal. When I realized what I had done I could not stop laughing, and Steve, who had been looking at paintings outside came in and said "what are you doing? can't leave you alone for a minute!". Funny how the vendor's voice turned all 'Cheech' too. Anyway, the vendor got a kick out of it too, he was really nice. Thankfully. Because I might have spent some time in that local jail otherwise!

Three days after being home I had my Catheter Ablation procedure. OH.MY.GOD. I knew I was going to be awake, but I thought I was going to be sedated and not really feel it. Um, no. They gave me some pain killers on a schedule but it's important that I be awake so that the arrhythmia doesn't also 'go to sleep'. 5 hours later they had ablated the atrial flutter and the SVT area. So glad they got the flutter as it only has a 50% success rate. What a freaky experience though, I felt the catheters going into my heart and getting positioned (think cats fighting under a blanket), and then they tell you 'we're going to speed up your heart now'. They didn't have to say it because you feel it alright! It was so uncomfortable. Once the heart is mapped and the sites to be ablated are noted, the ablation starts, a half millimetre at a time. And that freaken hurts. You feel the heat in the heart and it radiates up your throat and down both arms. Because you're loosely strapped down and your shoulder blades tucked under to open your chest, after 4 hours I could no longer feel my hands. Finally when they deemed the procedure a success, the catheters came out and they put pressure on the upper thigh. At which point I said "I don't feel so good" and they inverted the table slightly, the doctor put full on pressure on my leg and they put cold cloths on my face. I couldn't believe I was passing out, but they slowed the bleeding enough to get my blood pressure back up and all was good (that was a whole two minutes or so!). They put a sand bag on my leg and gave me strict instructions - can't lift my head of the pillow or move my legs for 5 more hours. Soooo glad I brought my iPod! I listened to podcasts for 4 hours, then Steve came to keep me company. After the 5 hours I was given the ok to walk laps around the nurses station for an hour, and then released. The other patients (one other was having an ablation, the rest were mostly pacemakers) were also doing laps and being sent home. I was stunned that pacemakers and defibrillator implants are day surgery!

My recovery has been harder than I expected - I am still fatigued but it's better every day. During the day I don't feel my heart at all anymore, though when I lie down I do a little. My BP is normal and very consistent now, and resting heart rate in the high 50's. I did have one episode on Monday (5 days after the procedure) where I inhaled a cracker crumb and coughed/choked and my heart went nuts. Anytime I had SVT it never felt like this. I got home two hours later and the BP monitor picked up the arrhythmia. I was so disappointed - thought the op failed. I was about to head to ER when I thought I'd try bearing down and it worked. It never worked before for me, but it was worth a shot! My BP was high for the next 12 hours or so, then I couldn't feel my heart again. :D Since then I've been feeling great, I feel my heart every so often when I'm up, a little when falling asleep, but that's it. I'm still very tired and could sleep alot, but it's improving. I spoke to my Cardiologist's office about Monday's episode and they assured me that it happens to some people but should stop within 2 weeks or so. They said that the SVT had started, but the pathway is gone so it had to find a new pathway and learn how to beat normally. Bizarre. In two more weeks I am to try a cup of coffee (my biggest trigger) and see if it sets off. Fingers crossed.

Today I am going to try to run. Considering I would prefer napping I expect it's going to be hard. I was originally going to run outside but we had a flash freeze a couple of days ago after a big melt day, and the sidewalks are very icy. It will be hard enough today without worrying about slipping and falling, so I will hop on the treadmill instead.

First I think I'll take a little nap :).

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh my abs!

Yesterday my legs were feeling pretty stiff after my return to running run on Sunday. Boy that's sad. It is what it is.

Anyway, I had strength training on the schedule, so I did Ray's plan again, but a shorter version, skipping the squats and lunges because of the above leg trashage. Of course I did to the hamstring curls on the ball which led me to...

...postponing today's run to tomorrow. Because my hamstrings are killing me! So was my core, but I wasn't too worried about that.

Today I decided I would do some yoga. I have a tough time with it because I have no flexibility whatsoever, and my big belly gets in the way. Oh, and I have bursitis in both shoulders from yoga several years ago, so need to be very careful that I don't aggravate them. I thought I'd try a yoga dvd that also has belly dancing. I've got the belly so why not make it dance?

Oh.My.God. It's hard! I discovered I not only have no flexibility, but also no fluidity. I closed the curtains and timed it to be over before Steve got home, because him seeing what I was doing I think would be a deal breaker on his side.

While I'm sure I looked rediculous, my abs are screaming so either I got the form down pat, or I got it all wrong ;) Going in with sore abs from yesterday, I can only imagine how I'm going to feel tomorrow. I bet laughing is going to hurt!

Tomorrow we're expecting 15-20 cm of snow. If Steve didn't have his track workout with his coach tomorrow evening I'd try to convince him to go snowshoeing after work. Oh well, I'll run on the treadmill instead and snowshoe on Saturday as originally planned.

The transit strike is still on and I have to go into the office tomorrow. Luckily Steve is off and can drive me in at some point and pick me up. Thursday is going to be more challenging though since he's working until 10PM. I think I have a ride home, but first I'll need to walk west from my office for about 45 mins.... I hope the strike settles soon, it's been a month! All this to say, I have to go iron some clothes!

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Monday, January 05, 2009


So that's my goal. Again. Wouldn't it be nice to lose 20 lbs this year? It would still have me overweight, but think of how much better I'd feel? I lost 20 lbs last year, but gained back 6. That loss was as a result of my gallbladder problems though. On the upside, I kept 14 off. Anyway, I'm feeling optimistic that streaking is the way to go. I've said it here before, but any off day really gets me wanting to take another, and another. It's easier for me when there's a routine block of time every day that I exercise. So I commit to doing some form of exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Unless I'm really really sick. Which I don't plan to be because I spent all Fall sick! I'm done with that.

I was hurting after Ray's workout last week, whenever that was (Jan 1?). My upper body was sore, but I felt nothing from my legs or abs, so need to work those a little harder. I don't want to be in pain longer than a day though, but I'll find the right intensity within the next couple of weeks.

On Saturday Steve and I finally tried out the snowshoes! I was so excited. We went to a popular greenbelt trail, stuck to it for about half the way, and blazed (relative term!) our own the other half. Since these are running snowshoes that's exactly what we did when we could. It was weird at first, but after a while we didn't even notice the snowshoes. What's great is you wear your running shoes with them, with gators. I need to get warmer socks though, since I had ice toes for the first 15 minutes or so. Oh and I fell once. I teetered into a hole and bonked face first. It was funny. At least Steve's expression said it was.

Oh not that expression, though it's funny too. This picture was taken just before I fell down.

And this is me running, but it doesn't look like I'm running. And I'm twice the width of the skier next to me. Now THAT's not good. In my defense these pants have pockets that puff out. And I have an arse that does too. Maybe that skiier is a 6 year old. I'll just tell myself that. Do I really lumber along like an ogre? Yikes.

Yesterday Steve and I went to the canal to run. I brought my new Garmin - oh my lord it's so great! Locks in to the satellites within seconds. It took me some time to get used to it, and I couldn't hear the interval beeps very well (though I was also listening to music, but low) but it fits my wrist so well, something that I had problems with my old one! Back to the run. Since I ran what, twice since October, I thought it best to do as I've done the past several years, and start right over at square 1. Run 2 walk 1. Now last year when I did this I found it too easy, and this was after sitting on my butt for 6 weeks after major surgery. I thought I'd find this 2/1 business so easy that I'd be skipping along to 3 or 4/1.

Um. No.

It was brutal! I couldn't believe how hard it was. Now I was able to do the intervals for the planned 45 minutes, but it was a slog. The path was snowy and there was slip back with every step, but COME ON, I should be fitter than this!! It kicked me. Yes it did. But it's in the books, and I'm proud of it. I'll be running again twice this week at 2/1, most likely on the treadmill though, due to work commitments, lack of parking near run paths (transit is still on strike) and horrible sidewalks near home, because the plows don't seem to consider our neighbourhood streets worthy. Don't get me started. And we're getting snow the next few days, with 15cm on Wed. Snowshoes here we come!!

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

New year more resolutions? Same as last year I guess :)

New Year's Eve Steve and I were in bed at 10:30 LOL. We were so tired we were actually asleep watching TV for two hours before that. Clearly we're hard core!

New Year's Day my brother held a brunch for the family, starring the straight from Vegas Una and Steve, with special guest Fork! At least that's what the email said! I've had some questions about Fork so here's the story...

Several years ago KT came home with a tupperware container and a fork - her friend Heather had brought in something for her to try, KT stuffed the empty container in her bag to bring home to wash. I kept on her for a couple of months to return these items, and she kept forgetting or wasn't seeing Heather, etc. Over these two months I realized that this was the BEST fork... perfect weight, not too big in your mouth, not too small. It became known as my 'eatin' fork' as a joke, and no one in the house used it but me. (considering I have an 'eatin' fork' might be a clue as to why I'm still overweight huh?). Fast forward 5 years and I get re-acquainted with Heather's Mom and her new husband (ok, 5 years now...). The boys hit it off, Kathy and I were laughing our heads off same as always. Then two weeks ago while at dinner I confessed I had her fork. Steve told me not to say anything, but the whole conversation was about theft, and I felt like a thief, especially when I'd hide said fork when they'd come over! It was becoming too strange for me, this fork sickness so I came clean. As we left the restaurant we were at Steve handed me a new fork that Kathy had swiped, so that I could add to my collection of 'stolen forks'. This is when Steve decided that we should take Fork to Vegas with us, and send ransom notes to Kathy. So there you go! She was very surprised when she got the photos and loved it. Oh and at Christmas she gave me the matching knife and spoons, so I could have a complete set :) Good friends, good times.

Anyway, back to new year's resolutions. The same old same old, try to get this body in shape. I did lose 20 lbs last year, but then gained back 6 lbs since September when the training fell apart! So back on the wagon, per se. I started off New Year's Day by pulling out the ball, the free weights, the yoga mat and my old training program from Ray. Two days later my arms are screaming. As are my armpits. My abs don't hurt though, so I need to work them a little harder. Yesterday I got a walk in, but only because I was picking up my paycheque and had to park a few blocks away. I ended up sprinting back though, to catch the meter! I felt like a failure for not having a true power walk in, but after picking up my cheque and going to the bank to open a business account (because I'm now Incorporated!) I had a lot of work to make up and ran out of time. Because I was hungry. It's all about the food. I need to work on that...

I have to work today as I have a deliverable on Monday, and a friend coming over tonight with (eep) take-out, so I just called Steve and asked if he could finish a little early so we can take advantage of the sunshine and finally go snowshoeing! I'm so excited :D

And tomorrow I will go for a run. It's going to hurt.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Over already

I took no Blackberry photos yesterday so no pic posting until we get home tonight. After we burn our clothes. We are at the airport and I noticed an oxygen bar. Must be to clear the smoke from our lungs. The MGM grand had the smokiest casino. The Venetian smelled the best - like Abercrombie & Fitch. But it was still too strong for us.

We are at the airport now having lost a day. Which is too bad because we really wanted to go to the Freemont St. Experience after dinner last night but because of several 'suspicious packages' it was closed off. Speaking of dinner mmmm. We went to L'Atelier de Joel Robichon. Steve had the tasting menu and I asked if they had a vegetarian tasting menu. They didn't however our server Paul asked the chef if they could whip one up for me. And they did. OMFG. Best food ever. Steve's was 8 courses and two desserts, mine was 6 and two desserts. There is no way I could have eaten 2 more. It was delicious and worth every penny. And it was a lot of pennies.

Yesterday we went to the Shark Reef and Dolphin exhibits and walked through a bunch more hotels. We are happy to report having gone to every hotel to Trump. Had the Freemont issue not occurred we would have gone to the Sahara and the old hotels. I'm pretty bummed we didn't get to go so I guess we will need to come back. We also really want to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.

Ok I'm done blackberry typing. More later.
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